we offer

We provide one-to-one coaching, team coaching, workshop design and facilitation as well as comprehensive development programmes for leaders at all levels. We focus on actual leadership challenges – current and future – and use a blend of learning methods to bring about insights that turn into effective practice.

We work with high-profile multinationals, leading professional services firms, ambitious start-ups, NGOs, and high-potential individuals – leaders who are either at key career transition stages or simply keen to get even better at what they do.

We are proud that most of our clients have been working with us for (several) decades and consider us an integral part of their team. We understand their business, we ‘get’ their culture. But we’re not complacent: we’re always the first to suggest how we can refresh, improve, or redesign our offerings to maintain quality and impact.

We don’t deliver a suite of programmes. We co-create each and every one of them, first with our sponsors and then once more with our participants in the (virtual) room, to ensure that they are relevant and provide exactly what they need to walk away with.

We love cookies – just not on our website. We value you – not your data. So, we don’t collect any. Period.